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I like to change my iPhone wallpaper seasonally, is that weird? Apparently I have a thing for pink iPhone backgrounds at the moment but here are my Top 6 iPhone backgrounds currently on Pinterest (you can save all the images from this post directly to your iPhone). My favourites are number one (which is currently my iPhone background) and number five.

My 2017 ended pretty badly; I had food poisoning and my laptop cost me £500 in repairs, as soon as I got it back I had to prioritise my University work but now, a week later I am here writing up my 2018 goals as my first post of the year. I'm striving to make 2018 much better than 2017 because 2017 wasn't amazing for me, unless I am only talking in terms of travel. I want to have a better year, make better use of my free time and work on myself as a person. I have put together a list of goals that I think will do both of the above.

Be More Mindful
I think too much about things I don't need to. I worry about things that shouldn't worry me so I need to do something about it. The three ways in which I hope to overcome this are 1. Read self-help books; you know the ones that tell you to care less what people think? Yeah, some of those. 2. Meditate; I've tried and failed multiple times before but so-far I am sticking to it, the benefits of practicing meditation/mindfulness are what push me to do it every morning. 3. I purchased a Himalayan pink salt lamp; again, I've heard good things so I decided to give one a go.

Be More Active
I need to exercise more. My friend Caitlin and I ran for a train a month-or-so ago and ended up not being able to breathe steadily for the first 20 minutes of the journey. That isn't right for a 22 year old. So I'm doing the standard join the gym resolution.

Learn Spanish
I said I wanted to learn more...

Work on my Writing Style
I think we all know I am not the most eloquent of writers and I really need to get better. I sit down and read other Bloggers' posts and theirs are so beautifully written and creative and I want that. I also want to be able to write down how I am feeling and what I am thinking in the form of poems (there is no reason behind this, but I want to be able to).

Film a Second a Day
I've tried this before and failed. Not this year.

Do More
I want to make the most out of my time. I want to see more things and do more, I waste so much time sitting around and I am bored of it. I want to see more films, visit more cities in the UK and eat lots more brunch.

Procrastinate Less
This one will take on elements of all of my other resolutions/goals. By being more mindful I hope to be more focused, by being more organised and planning better I hope to be more productive.

Also on the list:

  • Grow my following - I don't want big numbers, but I want a goal to work towards, so I have set myself one.
  • Keep reading: I read 20 books in 2017, I want to read at least that number this year, again to keep educating myself.
  • Cook and bake more; I've started to get really in to baking and I want to be better at it. My weak point is the decorating, I just can't do it.

What are your 2018 goals and resolutions?

For today's pre-Christmas post I thought I would share with you some items I am wishing for this Christmas. Hopefully this will give you some ideas if you're struggling to come up with what you want or help you find a gift for someone else.  I've been a bad blogger; I know. I've just had an overwhelming couples of weeks and didn't make blogging my priority. Fingers crossed some of these places still have pre-Christmas delivery available; if not, maybe you could add something to your Boxing Day sales list.

A Jo Malone Perfume tops my Christmas list this year; specifically Peony & Blush | Maisons du Monde stool | Vagabond Chelsea Boots | Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette | Glossier the

What is on your Christmas list this year?

I love London. This winter in particular the city has won my heart. I've been on a couple of trips and I can't imagine living and working anywhere else when I graduate university next year. I think part of it is due to Winter Wonderland; I know, this seems irrational but let me explain: The Beer Tent. Again, sounds irrational but I can justify this. The mood in the Beer Tent won me over. It is full of people with their friends (mainly having a few drinks after work) singing along to covers by a German man or a cover band and trust me: it is fab. On these trips to London I've been seeing more and more of the city, seeing areas I haven't before and  having a lovely time. It's motivated me to get my head down and work harder at University in hope to make this dream a reality. 

Outfit Details: Jacket - I Am GIA | Top, Jeans, Boots & Bag - Zara | Earrings - Monki

I'm not entirely sure how to explain this playlist to you. It's a chilled R&B vibe, on my Spotify it is called 'move'. It is one of those where you could easily just sit and listen to it or listen to as you get ready for a night out. Move is easily one of my favourite playlists I have and is continually growing. Think Childish Gambino & Frank Ocean meets Mura Masa meets Fifth Harmony (album 3).

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