Saturday, 7 October 2017

New York Day Two

NYC day two is here!! On this day we headed uptown. First stop was The Top of The Rock! Also; Gossip Girl spoilers lay ahead.

We then headed into Central Park where we went rowing on the boat lake (unfortunately I have no photos, I do but I look hideous in them). We also headed to the bridge where Chuck and Blair got married in Gossip Girl. We also had lunch at The Boathouse - very nice but very expensive. 

Our final stop of the day was the Steps at The Met. Another Gossip Girl inspired stop, it took us a good 30 minutes and 3 different people to get a photo we all didn't mind. I would include what we had for dinner on this day but I honestly cannot remember what or where we ate.



  1. So beautful buildnings there! Hope to visit it one day too!

    1. It is such an amazing city! I hope you get the chance to visit New York x


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