72 Hours in Paris


A couple of weeks ago my Mum suggested a city break at the start of September. Obviously I said yes, let's do it. Paris has always been somewhere on my bucket list so I pushed the idea of France. If I'm honest, my Mum normally agrees with my holiday ideas because it means I will plan it meticulously. We booked it; 3 days, return flights with Vueling, staying at Hotel Joyce by Astotel.


We arrived at around 11am and after standing in what could be argued to be the longest customs queue ever we made it to the hotel by around 2pm. We dropped off our belongings and headed out. We stayed in the Saint Georges area so the logical first point of call was Sacre Coeur. If you're in Paris you HAVE to visit Sacre Coeur, the view of the city is incredible. After this, we stopped at a small restaurant and shared a charcuterie board before heading to the hotel to rest.

At around 7pm we headed back out and in the direction of the city centre. The Louvre was next on our list. It's open late, until 10pm and if you're from the EU and aged between 18 and 26 you can get in for free. We walked around a bit then headed to see The Mona Lisa, as everyone says, it is tiny and surrounded by hoards of people.Liberty Leading her People (shown below) which I had studied in my global history module at university was the final stop for us in The Louvre. I have to say I was more impressed by the architecture, the ceilings in The Louvre are insane.


Our final stop on our first evening was the Eiffel Tower. This wasn't something we planned but it was 20 to 9 and the taxi journey would get us to Trocadero with a little time to spare before the light show began. Naturally we jumped in an Uber and headed straight there. It was incredible, I can honestly say I think it is the second most impressive landmark I've seen (nothing will ever beat The Pyramids in my eyes). We then headed to one of the restaurants at Trocadero for dinner and headed back to our hotel.


The next morning we headed to The Arc de Triomphe which wasn't as busy as I expected. It was however gloomy and rainy and I struggled to crack a smile in any photos. We then had lunch on the Champs Elysees at a restaurant called L'Alsace specialising in seafood. I however went for the French Onion Soup, because when in France. I also had to purchase a replacement for the bag I am holding in this photo as one of the handles fell off - after having Gorilla Glued it back together post graduation.


Post lunch we headed to the Musee d'Orsay which has to have been one of my highlights. Some of my favourite artists are featured here including Monet and Manet. Most notably the museum features Starry Night by Van Gough and his self portrait. Like The Louvre, the Musee d'Orsay allows 18-26 year olds with a valid EU ID to enter the museum for free.


That evening, we headed for dinner in the 1st Arrondissement which was a failure. We ended up back on the Champs Elysee having a very average dinner. We then went back to the hotel, I had a bubble bath and packed ready to check out in the morning.


The next morning we check out and headed to see the Eiffel Tower up close and in daylight. After taking a couple of photos we decided to be the biggest tourists ever and jump on an open top bus; after all we hadn't seen Notre Dame yet.


We went on 'The Big Bus Tour' and had a lovely, Argentinian tour guide. We saw everything we had already seen + more. It was also nice to hear facts about all the less obvious attractions. The last stop on the bus was Trocadero, where I bought a couple of souvenirs and we ate lunch. We then hopped on the Metro and headed back to the hotel.

And sadly, that was all I had time for in Paris. I definitely need to visit again, mainly to go vintage shopping but also because Paris is yet another city that has stolen my heart.

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