A Guide to Brighton

Ok, I’m going to be completely honest with you: I am writing this the evening before this post goes live as I haven’t planned this one out in advance. In fact, the idea of writing a Brighton City Guide came to me after visiting my friend Gabbi’s fabulous new blog (which you can read HERE). I also read the ‘Bloggers Guide to Brighton’ post on the Topshop blog last night and thought I could add my twopence here. Having lived near Brighton for 22 years, I think I have pretty much seen 90% of the city. That being said I’ve decided I am capable of putting together a little guide to the little city of Brighton & Hove.


To See.
Firstly the North Laine and the Lanes are the coolest bit of town (in my opinion). If you head out of the station this is the best way to walk into town; its a nice introduction to the city. They are both full of little independent shops and cafes. While you’re in this end of town, you can visit the Royal Pavilion and Pavilion Gardens. The gardens are so nice on a sunny day. Adjacent to the Pavilion is The Brighton Dome which is my personal favourite music venue in the city.

The beach and pier are an obvious suggestion but are really worth a visit. If you’re looking for a quieter bit of the beach head East of the pier or venture into Hove. I personally dislike the pier; once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. On a first visit to Brighton however, I can see the appeal. From the pier and beach you can see the remains The West Pier – the original pier in Brighton which has sadly been destroyed by multiple fires.

For any Brighton local the nest suggestions is a little controversial; The i360. It isn’t the most attractive structure in the city but it is a pretty cool experience. The tickets are around £13 and you can see for miles on a clear day. My final suggestion is the new Brighton Bikes; cities like London have had these for a while but they are a pretty new feature of our city. I haven’t done it yet but riding a bike along the promenade seems like a good way to see the city. Cyclists also have priority on the roads in Brighton; so drivers are always on the lookout and aware of you.

To Eat.
I’m going to be honest; I mainly eat at Wagamama when I’m in town however there is a plethora of restaurants to choose from which I intend on visiting soon. The three notable, independent mentions I have tried are Redroaster, No 32 and La Choza. I’m sure you’ve seen Redroaster on every Brighton blogger’s Instagram and on multiple Zoella videos but it really is THAT good; the photo above is of my favourite dish there (and I have a whole post on it HERE). La Choza is an incredible little Mexican restaurant which always has a queue but is so worth it. No 32 just do fabulous food, I don’t have much else to say on that matter; it is just really good.

As I said; I am not the best at avoiding Wagamama but I have a tonne of places I want to try. The top recommendations from my friends that I plan on visiting as soon as possible include SIX in Hove, The Chilli Pickle and Flour Pot Bakery.

To Drink.
No 32 is getting another mention here. As well as being a restaurant it is also known as Bar 32; it is a really nice place to chill and have a drink. It has a little balcony for warmer days. My second mention goes to Twisted Lemon. Anyone from Brighton knows and loves this place. They do fantastic cocktails for unbeatable prices. Just don’t buy food there, the pizzas are frozen and heated up. If you’re on the seafront Brighton Music Hall is nice on a summers day. They have live music and it has a really nice atmosphere.

If you’re after something other than alcohol head to one of the Small Batch Coffee Shop branches. It is a small chain of coffee shops native to Brighton. They are all slightly different but have the same relaxed atmosphere plus the coffee is fantastic. If you’re after good coffee I’m going to recommend Redroaster again.

Have you ever been to Brighton? If you have, where should I eat next?

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