The Best Coffee in Brighton (& Hove)



Shockingly I’m going to mention a couple of new places in this post I haven’t talked about before on this blog. I LOVE coffee and brunch so I’ve tried a lot of places in Brighton and a few in Hove and I think I am now at a point where I can confidently share my top five places in Brighton & Hove to get a coffee.

  1. Red Roaster

I’m going to get the ones you were all expecting over and done with first. I can’t not mention Red Roaster (sorry for the double negative) because it is my absolute favourite and the coffee is really, really good. My friend Cecily who likes a mocha loves the coffee here; especially the Maple Shay Shay. Which I think is fab if you’re not a HUGE coffee fan and want something a little more sweet and fun. I’ve sampled a few of their hot and iced coffees and they have a range of speciality coffees too. You can also buy their coffee beans for around £7.55 a bag (I checked the website).

?1D St James’s St, Brighton BN2 1RE

2. SIX

I told you I would mention Hove. After seeing SIX all over Instagram and after meeting I Covet Thee and Hello October in Topshop and discussing the Nutella Latte with them I HAD to visit. Again with my friend Cecily, we headed to Hove and had brunch at SIX. I can assure you that the Nutella Latte is worth the hype and the journey into Hove is well worth it. They also do a fab avocado toast.

?102-105 Western Road, Brighton and Hove BN3 1FA

3. Small Batch

A Brighton & Hove chain, you can find a Small Batch in all regions of the city. My personal favourite is the one in Seven Dials which I would pop in and out of when I attended sixth form. Small Batch is another one that blend their own coffee.  It tends to always be busy; especially the one in the town centre. Overall; the coffee is fab and it has a nice, warm atmosphere. Plus, there is a little pop up Small Batch just outside Brighton Station which is fab for when you’re just arriving in town or about to head home.

?17 Jubilee St, Brighton BN1 1GE & more locations

4. Jolliffes

Located in the heart of The North Laine, Joliffes is a little coffee shop on Kensington Gardens. Serving a range of coffee and cake it is perfect after a day of walking around and exploring the city. It is one of the more quiet spots on this list but the coffee is good and I wanted to recommend something for everyone in this post.

?35 Kensington Gardens, Brighton BN1 4AL

5. Trading Post Coffee

They have multiple blends of coffee and FAB food. It’s huge inside but gets v busy on a weekend. It’s a recent discovery of mine but I went twice within the space of 5 days (I don’t live in town, so the fact I made the journey in twice mainly for this place says a lot). They have tonnes of veggie and vegan options too. The interior is to die for.

?36 Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AB

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