The Best Coffee in Brighton (& Hove)


Shockingly I'm going to mention a couple of new places in this post I haven't talked about before on this blog. I LOVE coffee and brunch so I've tried a lot of places in Brighton and a few in Hove and I think I am now at a point where I can confidently share my top five places in Brighton & Hove to get a coffee.

  1. Red Roaster

I'm going to get the ones you were all expecting over and done with first. I can't not mention Red Roaster (sorry for the double negative) because it is my absolute favourite and the coffee is really, really good. My friend Cecily who likes a mocha loves the coffee here; especially the Maple Shay Shay. Which I think is fab if you're not a HUGE coffee fan and want something a little more sweet and fun. I've sampled a few of their hot and iced coffees and they have a range of speciality coffees too. You can also buy their coffee beans for around Β£7.55 a bag (I checked the website).

πŸ“1D St James's St, Brighton BN2 1RE

2. SIX

I told you I would mention Hove. After seeing SIX all over Instagram and after meeting I Covet Thee and Hello October in Topshop and discussing the Nutella Latte with them I HAD to visit. Again with my friend Cecily, we headed to Hove and had brunch at SIX. I can assure you that the Nutella Latte is worth the hype and the journey into Hove is well worth it. They also do a fab avocado toast.

πŸ“102-105 Western Road, Brighton and Hove BN3 1FA

3. Small Batch

A Brighton & Hove chain, you can find a Small Batch in all regions of the city. My personal favourite is the one in Seven Dials which I would pop in and out of when I attended sixth form. Small Batch is another one that blend their own coffee. Β It tends to always be busy; especially the one in the town centre. Overall; the coffee is fab and it has a nice, warm atmosphere. Plus, there is a little pop up Small Batch just outside Brighton Station which is fab for when you're just arriving in town or about to head home.

πŸ“17 Jubilee St, Brighton BN1 1GE & more locations

4. Jolliffes

Located in the heart of The North Laine, Joliffes is a little coffee shop on Kensington Gardens. Serving a range of coffee and cake it is perfect after a day of walking around and exploring the city. It is one of the more quiet spots on this list but the coffee is good and I wanted to recommend something for everyone in this post.

πŸ“35 Kensington Gardens, Brighton BN1 4AL

5. Trading Post Coffee

They have multiple blends of coffee and FAB food. It's huge inside but gets v busy on a weekend. It's a recent discovery of mine but I went twice within the space of 5 days (I don't live in town, so the fact I made the journey in twice mainly for this place says a lot). They have tonnes of veggie and vegan options too. The interior is to die for.

πŸ“36 Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AB

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