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I love procrastinating. It is something I have grown to be an expert at over my education career. My number one way is binge watching TV shows. I thought in this post I would share my fav TV shows that you should binge watch. If you want any more of my TV recommendations, check out my Friday Favourites posts where I share watch I've been watching that month with you.

Pretty Little Liars


I was addicted to PLL for a solid four years and waited patiently for the reveal of A for the same amount of time. Pretty Little Liars is about 5 best friends, one of whom, Alison DiLaurentis is murdered. The show follows the other 4 being taunted by a masked protagonist called 'A' and trying to work out who killed Alison. It's pretty good, I will say it does get unrealistic at multiple points but you just can't stop watching it. My favourite character is Aria and I am now a huge Lucy Hale fan. I plan on binge watching her new show Life Sentence as soon as it is available in the UK. PLL is available on Netflix UK.

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Gilmore Girls

My. Favourite. Show. Ever.
Gilmore Girls is an important one for me. It's something my Mother and I watched together from when I was about 11. Lorelai and Rory's relationship is just so special; add in Emily the grandmother and it's even more special. If you're looking for a feel good show this is the one for you. It follows the lives of the three Gilmore Girls and their relationships, work lives and education. I watched it for so long that I also felt like I grew up with Rory. It's a special one for me and everyone I've introduced to it has loved it just as much. You can watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix in the UK.

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Madam Secretary


Elizabeth McCord is one of my favourite characters of all time. I also love Herny; so does my Mum. Madam Secretary follows ex CIA Agent Elizabeth McCord who becomes the Secretary of State. It follows her professional, public and personal lives and is easily one of my favourites. I can't name one character I dislike; her family are fab, as are her colleagues and they are all so cleverly written. Throughout the series it expands to follow the lives of the whole family an it's really interesting. Madam Secretary is available on NOW TV in the UK.

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US Classics


Ok. I don't think I need to explain any of these plot lines to you in great detail so I threw them all in this one category. I gave binge watched How I Met Your Mother and I am mid-way through Full House and Friends (but I have watched the entirety of friends before).

Friends follows the lives of 6 best friends living and working in NYC. I don't think I need to explain Friends so I'm gonna stop here.

Full House is set in San Francisco and follows the Tanner family. Again, I'm gonna stop there. It's cute, it's a comedy.

How I Met Your Mother follows the lives of 5 best friends living and working in NYC, wait that sounds familiar? Like Friends but not.

Friends, Full House and How I Met Your Mother are all available on Netflix UK.

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Line of Duty


This is one I've been trying to convince my Mum to watch for a few years now and she won't, so maybe I can convince you?

I love a British crime drama and this is my favourite one EVER. It follows the team working in AC12; the police corruption unit. In each season they follow a different corruption case and it's SO good. Steve Arnott annoys be a bit; he's a bit of a melt (see Urban Dictionary for a definition of Melt if you're not English). It's full of twists and turns and so many unexpected things are revealed. Its great, 10/10 would recommend. It is available on Netflix UK and BBC iPlayer.

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There are SO many more shows I would recommend but this post would get way too long. Despite all my suggestions; I don't have anything to currently binge-watch. Do you have any binge worthy shows you could recommend?

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