Brunch at Red Roaster



Brunch is my favourite meal of the day (the most millennial thing you will EVER hear me say).

My current favourite Brunch spot in Brighton is Red Roaster. My favourite dish on the menu is the Herb Waffle, Bacon Jam, Black Pudding, Maple Glazed Streaky Bacon, Fried Egg and Apple (right. Pictured to the left is the English Breakfast which I decided to give a try in an attempt to have sampled at least more than one dish from the menu!


Seriously though, the Herb Waffle is incredible, even if you think it sounds weird.

If  you’re after a new brunch spot in the Brighton area or just need somewhere to have food when you visit, I promise you that Red Roaster will not disappoint. The coffee is also out of this world. My friend Cecily is obsessed with the Maple Shay-Shay and I love the Almond and Cinnamon Latte.


The design of the restaurant is second to none. If I was about 14 I would probably describe it as ‘so aesthetic’. The restaurant (and toilets) are filled with marble, white tiles, light wood and there are plants everywhere. This means you’re guaranteed to come out with a good Instagram or two (I am judging myself as I type this).




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