Childish Gambino at The o2: Gig Review


On Monday 25th March my little brother and I headed to the o2 Arena in London to see Childish Cambino! I’ve loved Donald Glover since I first watched an episode of Community (which is one of the first shows I ever binge-watched). A couple of weeks later I stumbled across the 3005 and Sober music videos and also became obsessed with his music. This wasn’t something that was planned in great detail. My brother and I met up and went for lunch, then to a record shop. While we were in there, we stumbled across a Childish Gambino album and I mentioned he was in London that Sunday and Monday night. Two days later I was panic buying two standing tickets while at work.

Aside from my little brother checking if I was ok and not being knocked around too much; the concert was amazing. I know he was just being thoughtful but at a 24 year-old it was strange my 16 year-old brother who had only been to one standing concert before was worried about it. I can honestly say; Childish Gambino is the best performer I have ever seen. The whole show was incredible; the production and his performance. 

Production wise it wasn’t crazy. There were live feeds from backstage when he went off for a few moments and before the encore. He walked through and performed in the crowd. There were moving parts of the stage – screens that rotated. It was simple but just exciting enough. Performance wise he blew me away. I knew he could sing, dance, rap, act, perform stand up comedy, write songs and for screen but seeing him live was on another level. He was an incredible vocalist, more-so than I expected. He ad-libbed incredibly and hit notes I didn’t expect him to even attempt. He worked the crowed perfectly and was full of energy the whole time. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anyone perform live on an equal level.

His support was H.E.R who again is an incredible performer. I went knowing just two of her songs but walked out a fan. She’s incredibly talented and was very humble. 

I think that is all I have to say about my experience seeing Childish Gambino live. The next concert I will have a review on for you (and full vlog) will be when I see BTS in June! You can see some clips from the concert below!

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