Friday Favourites #3


I can’t believe it is the end of May already. This year is flying by and this month was my final month as a University Undergraduate (actually terrifying). On the plus side though, it does mean I am closer to seeing Haim live which is SO exciting. I also will hopefully have BTS tickets when you’re reading this (I would so insert a fingers crossed emoji but that isn’t really the vibe of my blog).

The Outfit



This Month’s favourite outfit has to be a summery one because we had two beautiful bank holiday weekends here in England. My favourite had to be this one I wore in Notting Hill.

Top – Guess Jeans

Skirt – Missguided

Trainers – Nike

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.21.10

Page Turner

This month wasn’t a massive reading moth for me because I had SO much university work to finish off. The one book I did get through was Little Fires Everywhere. It was a pretty good read, it was interesting and full of twists and turns.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.21.10
2018-05-28 10:42:39.011

Good Eats

My food choice this month has to be this avocado toast I had at Farm Girl in Chelsea. The food was great but in comparison to the Notting Hill one, it didn’t quite hit the mark elsewhere. The decor wasn’t as cool and the service was pretty poor if I’m honest. Maybe it was just an off day, but I can’t lie and say it was good when it was lacklustre. The food however was great and so was the lavender latte. If you’re visiting a Farm Girl location, nothing beats the original; go to Notting Hill.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.21.10

On Repeat

It wouldn’t be a Friday Favourites without a playlist. This months was a bit hit-and-miss for me but I’m going to just leave everything on it so you understand why. My favourite songs this month had to be Mine by Bazzi, No Tears Left To Cry by Ariana Grande and the entirety of Love Yourself Tear by BTS. Listen to my playlist HERE.

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  1. whatbeedid says:

    Loved Little Fires Everywhere – been recommending it to everyone!

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