Friday Favourites #8


It’s my first post in a while and it only makes sense that it is a Friday Favourites. I’ve missed making these. Please hold on tight because this is about to be a long one. Hopefully there will be a video to accompany this – which will be up a little later than this post and I will add in at the bottom.


Now I know this is a photo of me at Glossier but I’m going to talk about the Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation and Concealer. I cannot express quite how much I love these two products. They are so affordable and such good quality. They stay on all day and compare to, if not beat, all of my high end foundations. If you’re in the market for a medium-full coverage foundation, I couldn’t recommend anything more.

Now onto the actual Glossier products. Super Dew. I have been loving this recently. I got it at the pop up store in December and I really need to use it more frequently because when I do – it’s amazing. Another product I’ve been loving is Super Pure – a serum. I’ve been constantly having a few spots on my chin and Super Pure seems to be the only thing that clears them up.


Taking a slightly more sombre tone – this month Mac Miller’s family released his final album ‘Circles’. If I am honest, I haven’t actually managed to listen to the whole thing in one go – I love every song but I can’t listen to it without feeling so so sad. On a slightly more happy note; I’ve been obsessed with Psycho by Red Velvet, Titanic by Jackson Wang, Face by Woosung and Adore You by Harry Styles.

TV & Youtube

A quick Youtube favourite; I’ve really got into watching Jenn Im’s videos again. Her content used to be my favourite, I’ve been watching her videos since her and Sarah were Clothes Encounters. For some reason I stopped watching her but now I am back and I love all of her content; in particular her monthly vlogs.

I’ve binge watched both You and Cheer this month and been obsessed with both. Without any real spoilers, but also a slight one; season two of You was far better than season one and hopefully, with the end, it is set up for a third season. Joe really is Dan Humphrey but 10x worse.

Winter Love Island has been a let down. I officially gave up watching it after Tuesday nights episode. There doesn’t seem to be any stand out members of the cast – definitely no girls PLT, In The Style etc will be fighting over to collaborate with on a clothing line. Nas is fab though.

I am currently watching Sex Education. Am I months behind everyone else? Yes. I gave into the hype and I can honestly say; I love this show! I will be back with my full update in next month’s favourites! 

Don’t mind me – just using all my photos from my trip to the Glossier pop up to fill this post…

True Crime Podcasts

Now I say this but realistically it is just two from BBC Sounds. The first was Fake Heiress about Anna Sorokin – New York’s fake heiress. I read about her story online and read the book. Then I heard there was a podcast – it’s such an interesting story. The accents are atrocious on the podcast but other than that, it’s fab. Every different version of this story lets you in on a little more information. I can’t wait for both the HBO and Netflix series on this story. I also enjoyed listening to The Missing Crypto Queen – about Dr Ruja who created her own crypto currency. It’s really interesting. I want to find some more True Crime documentaries like this so if you know any, please do commet down below.

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