Friday Favourites #9


I am fully aware it isn’t a Friday. I was in London this weekend for the SuperM concert and was fully prepared to write this post that Friday morning to go live but I ended up heading to London earlier than originally planned. At least I can include a little from the concert here, in fact let’s start witht that.

SuperM Live in London

I saw SuperM on Friday night at the o2 Arena and they were INCREDIBLE. I am officially a Taemin fan and Kai is now my SuperM bias and Baby Don’t Stop was my highlight. You can see all this in my vlog from the day above – I won’t be doing a gig review like normal but I talk about it in the video and will include the photos below.

Nasty Gal

I have been completely obsessed with Nasty Gal for the last month. Their clothes are super cute and affordable – I won’t be buyin a tonne from there as I am trying to purchase less in general and less fast fashion but for a couple of trend driven pieces a season it is the perfect shopping destination. This cardigan is my latest favourite.

New Bloggers

Not new bloggers but new bloggers to me. I have been completely obsessed with Nitsan Raiter and Sophie Suchan‘s style. I found their travel and fashion week vlogs and have followed them on Instagram and can officially say they are my current favourite blogging gals/style inspo.

Music Wise…

I’ve obviously listened to a tonne of SuperM and their respective groups in the run up to their concert. BTS’ album has also been on repeat – I think ON is my favourite but I can’t say that with my chest. I was definitely disappointed in the physical album’s packaging but do love the music and the concepts were stunning! Blossoms’ new album also came out this month and I’ve been listening to that a lot. I am not sure if I should admit this but my most played song of the month has to be Say So by Doja Cat – tiktok definitely pushes the catchiest songs and her music video, where she does the infamous dance routine is stunning.  

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