Interior Inspo 2018

I say this every year but this year I mean it: I am redecorating my room. I promise I actually am, I’ve already purchased a few bits and pieces such as some cushion covers, new bed linen and a few little decorative bits. The major pieces I want are a new bed with grey headboard and most importantly A NEW MATTRESS, a new chest of drawers and a new desk and chair. I’ve resigned to the fact that after I graduate in July, I will be having to live at home, probably for another year so I might as well redecorate and at least then I will have some new-is furniture for when I move.

It seems that my accidental colour scheme is white and pink, with a bit of grey and green thrown in for good measure. I really wanted to try and go for something different to every other blogger under the sun but I’ve managed to unintentionally do it anyway. As with 90% of other millennial females I get all my design Inso from Pinterest, so here are a few of my favourite images from Pinterest that reflect the style I am going for.

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