London Calling

I love London. This winter in particular the city has won my heart. I’ve been on a couple of trips and I can’t imagine living and working anywhere else when I graduate university next year. I think part of it is due to Winter Wonderland; I know, this seems irrational but let me explain: The Beer Tent. Again, sounds irrational but I can justify this. The mood in the Beer Tent won me over. It is full of people with their friends (mainly having a few drinks after work) singing along to covers by a German man or a cover band and trust me: it is fab. On these trips to London I’ve been seeing more and more of the city, seeing areas I haven’t before and ┬áhaving a lovely time. It’s motivated me to get my head down and work harder at University in hope to make this dream a reality.

Outfit Details: Jacket – I Am GIA | Top, Jeans, Boots & Bag – Zara | Earrings – Monki


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