My 2018 Goals


My 2017 ended pretty badly; I had food poisoning and my laptop cost me £500 in repairs, as soon as I got it back I had to prioritise my University work but now, a week later I am here writing up my 2018 goals as my first post of the year. I’m striving to make 2018 much better than 2017 because 2017 wasn’t amazing for me, unless I am only talking in terms of travel. I want to have a better year, make better use of my free time and work on myself as a person. I have put together a list of goals that I think will do both of the above.

Be More Mindful
I think too much about things I don’t need to. I worry about things that shouldn’t worry me so I need to do something about it. The three ways in which I hope to overcome this are 1. Read self-help books; you know the ones that tell you to care less what people think? Yeah, some of those. 2. Meditate; I’ve tried and failed multiple times before but so-far I am sticking to it, the benefits of practicing meditation/mindfulness are what push me to do it every morning. 3. I purchased a Himalayan pink salt lamp; again, I’ve heard good things so I decided to give one a go.

Be More Active
I need to exercise more. My friend Caitlin and I ran for a train a month-or-so ago and ended up not being able to breathe steadily for the first 20 minutes of the journey. That isn’t right for a 22 year old. So I’m doing the standard join the gym resolution.

Learn Spanish
I said I wanted to learn more…

Work on my Writing Style
I think we all know I am not the most eloquent of writers and I really need to get better. I sit down and read other Bloggers’ posts and theirs are so beautifully written and creative and I want that. I also want to be able to write down how I am feeling and what I am thinking in the form of poems (there is no reason behind this, but I want to be able to).

Film a Second a Day
I’ve tried this before and failed. Not this year.

Do More
I want to make the most out of my time. I want to see more things and do more, I waste so much time sitting around and I am bored of it. I want to see more films, visit more cities in the UK and eat lots more brunch.

Procrastinate Less
This one will take on elements of all of my other resolutions/goals. By being more mindful I hope to be more focused, by being more organised and planning better I hope to be more productive.

Also on the list:

  • Grow my following – I don’t want big numbers, but I want a goal to work towards, so I have set myself one.
  • Keep reading: I read 20 books in 2017, I want to read at least that number this year, again to keep educating myself.
  • Cook and bake more; I’ve started to get really in to baking and I want to be better at it. My weak point is the decorating, I just can’t do it.

What are your 2018 goals and resolutions?

2 responses to “My 2018 Goals”

  1. Emma says:

    I love these goals! Mine are quite similar: I need to use my gym membership more, I want to slow down and be more mindful, and I want to waste less time and be more productive. I love your goal to film a second a day, I should do that too! Good luck on accomplishing everything that you want to!

    • Lily Collings says:

      I'm doing well with all of them apart from procrastinating my university work haha. I think the most fun is filming the second a day, it will be so worthwhile when I have a second a day from this year to look back on!! I couldn't recommend it enough. Good luck with your resolutions and goals too x

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