My 2019 Goals


I know everyone posted theirs in January, but I took that time to start creating the content I want to for my blog. So here we are, the first proper post of my comeback: My 2019 Goals. I never really write down what I want to achieve in a year but I think doing so, and sharing them, makes me accountable.


Get Fit

The obvious New Years Resolution but I have a reason for it this year, a couple actually. 1. My family are all unhealthy. They are all sick and their fitness impacts how their sicknesses effect them and if I’m going to get sick, I’m going to minimise the impacts of the sickness by being as fit and healthy as possible. 2. I think my Mum and I are finally going on our big Asia holiday (not as big as we had hoped, probably only two countries) but they will be hot and you best believe I will be swimming everyday and I want to feel confident in a bikini.

Be Happy

It seems generic but this relates to a few areas. The first being finding purpose. I think a lot of graduates feel a bit lost and like they have no purpose (this isn’t as dramatic as it sounds, promise). I just want to try a lot of things this year and find what makes me happy and what I want to do with my life. At least for a few years. The second relates to this, be happy at work and in general and not constantly complain about things.

Hit 1000 Followers

A silly little statistic. I have a blog and a youtube channel and I want to grow them. Both outlets make me happy and I want to be able to share my content with more and more people.

Be Financially Responsible

This will probably be my biggest struggle but I want to start to put away at least 50% of my monthly earnings after paying for necessities (rent, phone bill, my car etc).

That’s it. Those are my 2019 goals. What are some of yours? How well are you doing?

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