My Sick Day Make-Up

I take back everything I said about the Glossier Skin Tint: I LOVE it. You can see my initial review HERE, but in this post I am going to explain why I love it (but I do still stand by what I said in my last post). So in the last post I said I wasn’t a fan and in general I am not but I have found where this product is perfect; sick day makeup!

Now I am not one for wearing makeup all the time but when you’re not feeling your best and need to head out of the house and want a little something to make you feel like you look better; this is the product for you. Don’t expect anything drastic though. I’ve been feeling pretty ill this last week and I headed out a couple of times on walks and to the shops. I put a little bit of the Glossier Skin Tint on with a touch of mascara and some concealer if I had a very red nose and I head out the door. The Skin Tint gives me a little bit of a more radiant look and a tiny bit of colour when I am looking pale and ill.

This post was basically to say I take it back, the Glossier Skin Tint does have a use and I will continue to use it. Sorry for doubting you Glossier.

If you want to buy something from Glossier, you can use THIS code for 10% off your first order (I get £10 credit, I’m not going to pretend I don’t).

Do you have any sick day make-up tricks?

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