New York Travel Guide

I’m going to be honest; no-one is more shocked that I am putting together a New York Travel Guide than me. Having visited the city twice I am no expert but I think I have worked out what you should see and do if you only have a short time in the city.

To Do.

No trip to New York would be complete without seeing the tourist hotspots. My must-see locations are The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, The World Trade Centre and 9/11 Memorial, Central Park, Grand Central and trip to The Top of the Rock.

You will notice I haven’t included Times Square, that’s because I didn’t find it that exciting. After walking through it once you’ve seen it.




To Eat.

Don’t just stick to the chains you see in and around Times Square. Firstly, Cecconi’s – the NYC location is in DUMBO Brooklyn, the food is fantastic and the restaurant itself is stunning. Make sure to book a table to avoid disappointment and make sure you get one of the tables outside overlooking the East River in the summer time.

The Market Table in Greenwich Village was a stop on both of my visits to the city. Firstly with my Mum in 2013 for dinner and again in 2017 for brunch as the queue for Jack’s Wife Freda was insane. On both occasions it was amazing but I have to say their dinner menu outdid the brunch.

Another must visit for any foodie is Hell’s Kitchen. The main road for food there is 9th Avenue. There are tonnes of restaurants offering a HUGE variety of foods; the best one we visited was Nizza, an Italian. The fresh pasta was incredible. Yum Yum Bangkok however is somewhere not to head to.

Beauty & Essex is 100% worth a visit. The atmosphere and experience is pretty one-of-a-kind. The food is pretty good too but the cocktails are a little interesting. I wouldn’t say it lives up to the expectations and hype that it has; but it is a pretty cool restaurant with good food.

Cookie Dò (potentially the wrong accent on that o) is one of those places you see all over insta. The cookie dough is nice and pretty cheap but I am 90% sure you won’t finish it, but it’s worth it to try it and take a photo.

To Shop.

One word: Soho. Head down to Soho then make your way to Broadway and shop until your heart is content. It’s full of all the chains you know and love; Zara, H&M, Sephora and Brandy Melville to name a few. Nearby there are tonnes of little streets with more independent shops.

Contrary to popular belief; things aren’t cheaper in the USA. Especially at the moment due to the shocking exchange rate. Make sure you are buying things you can’t get in the UK or wherever you are from, not the foundation you normally buy. So I bought things from Huda Beauty & Milk Make-up in Sephora and a top from Brandy Melville which isn’t so easy to find in the UK.

To Drink.

Public Hotels has a pretty cool bar/club in the basement. Despite being in a hotel it is full of students and New Yorkers. The drinks are standard New York $9-$16. The music is cool and the crowd was friendly.

The Biergarten at the Standard Hotel became a regular spot for us. It is pretty cool and as the vibe is more casual it is great for meeting and talking to new people.

Brass Monkey is a club just around the corner from The Biergarten and we popped by twice after our evenings at the Biergarten. Drinks again are standard New York price and it has two floors and a rooftop seating area for you to choose from.

Azul on The Rooftop at Hotel Hugo was the only rooftop bar we went to. The view is pretty good and the drinks were nice. The crowd was a little older. What I noticed in all the bars, apart from Brass Monkey, girls and boys would meet then only speak to each other and not interact with anyone else in the bar. It was weird; it very much seemed like they were only there to date and not just meet people.

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