Places I Want to Revisit

There are plenty of places I haven’t been to that I want to see but there are some that I just wish I’d had more time in. Here are my top five places I want to revisit.

Havana, Cuba
Cuba is number one on my list of places to revisit. In 2006 my Mother and I visited Cayo Coco and went on a day trip to Havana. I want to revisit Cuba now I am an adult and spend more time in Havana as it was one of the most interesting places I’ve been. I also want to visit soon before the island becomes overrun with tourism as it is now an up and coming holiday destination.

New York City, USA
Third times a charm right? I’ve been to NYC twice already but as with everyone else I know who has visited, I am completely in love with it. Next time I visit I really want to spend some more time in Brooklyn, visit Coney Island and eat lots of good food.

Cairo, Egypt
Another one I visited when I was much younger. My Mother and I visited in 2004, Cairo was only a day trip for us. We spent a week in Luxor and a week in Hurghada and went to Cairo and Giza for a day. I really want to go back to Cairo and see the pyramids as an adult.

Bangkok, Thailand
I spent about 48 hours in Bangkok when I visited Thailand. All I saw were a couple of temples and the Khaosan Road while sweltering to death in potentially the most disgusting hotel in the world. I really loved Bangkok, it was my favourite place in Thailand. I want to stay in a nicer hotel and see more of the city; I have seen so many cute cafes and locations that I am dying to visit.

Paris, France
I think I am pushing it by saying I am going to ‘revisit’ Paris; I went to Disneyland Paris aged four. BUT Paris is one of those places I’ve always wanted to go to and almost selected so many times (like when I went to Barcelona and Berlin; Paris just missed out each time). There is so much I want to see in Paris.

Where is the one destination you want to revisit?

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  1. Amita Kundlani
    14/02/2018 / 7:18 pm

    I would love to re-visit New York, I haven't been in years and I can't wait to go again! I've wanted to visit Havana and Thailand since last year too. I think the one place I really want to revisit is Cape Town, it was so gorgeous and we didn't get enough time to explore it last time.

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