Rocky Road

Today we are heading back to the Clothes Quarters archive, this time for my Rocky Road recipe.


350g of Chocolate (I used dark)

150g of Mini Marshmallows

150g of Butter 

4tbsp of Golden Syrup

250g of Biscuits (I used a 230g pack of Maryland cookies though)


Bash the cookies/biscuits in a bad with a rolling pin. Don’t go too over the top because you want to have largish chunks in the rocky road. I then started by melting the golden syrup over a low hear, then added the butter and then the chocolate, I did it in this order to prevent the chocolate from burning. When melted, add the biscuits and then the marshmallows. I stirred them all together and kept them on the low heat until the marshmallows melted a tiny bit. Remove them from the heat and spread onto a baking tray. You can make it nice and neat but I think a lumpy rocky road is the only way to go! Place the tray into the fridge making sure there is nothing that can fall onto it and leave it to set for a while, mine took 24 hours but my mum told me it shouldn’t take more than 6 though

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