The 1975 at The Brighton Centre: Gig Review


2019-01-17 10:30:21.299

It’s been a while since my last (and only) gig review because I haven’t been to many since. Two including the one this post is about but I was sick after the last one and didn’t have the energy to write a long rambly post all about it. Here we are, a solid 7 months later with the second gig review. This is all about my experience seeing The 1975 at The Brighton Centre.

2019-01-17 10:30:22.896

I will be honest, I arrived mid-way through the support acts. Post No Rome but just before Pale Waves. Pale Waves were so good, I wasn’t expecting much. Not in a bad way, just I only knew one song which I liked but didn’t love but they were so good live. I think I should be seeing them at a festival in the summer if all things go to plan. I will definitely be adding them to my playlists.

A couple of random thoughts before getting onto The 1975’s show. The first being it was SO nice to attend a show in my own city, it was nice to be able to watch the whole concert without having to rush off to get a train a while before the last song. The second being the stage, it was a tiny little stage in the middle of the venue. Not the literal middle, just on the end where a stage normally is. But it was small, and cute.

The main event was obviously The 1975. It was very different to the last time I saw them. A lot has changed in their personal lives and their music has taken on a much happier tone. Their set was a great mix of their three albums, it was a pretty even mix with almost all of my favourite songs featured. We also got to see No Rome perform Narcissist with them which was nice because we missed his set. The atmosphere was happy and everyone was having a good time. Matt didn’t talk as much as the last time I saw them and didn’t go on a longwinded rant which was both welcomed and missed. I think he’s a really interesting guy and I love that he uses his platform to speak about issues. It also shows how he is in a happier and more positive place.

A final note is that below I have linked my vlog from the day where I talk about the show in more detail and it includes some clips from the show too!!

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