The Jonas Brothers at Wembley: Gig Review


On Monday 3rd February my friend Caitlin and I headed to Wembley Arena to see The Jonas Brothers. Why? We had been huge fans growing up. We loved them before Camp Rock and even went to see Nick in Les Mis. Unfortunately, we never got the chance to see them on their UK tours – until now.

Now I speak for me but I as slightly disappointed. I think maybe because I am used to different styles of show now; K-pop obviously bringing the high energy, production value and interactions and gigs like Mumford and Sons & Childish Gambino where they show real musicality and perform. I’m not saying The Jonas Brothers didn’t perform but it wasn’t on the same level. I also got this feeling of; we’re The Jonas Brothers, we’re back – and that was enough. They didn’t need to go the extra mile.

Staging wise it was cool – the main stage anyway. Their b stage was surrounded by two platforms for ‘vips’ including their parents. I thought this was a weird move, it almost blocked some of the fans views, including mine. You can see this in photos below.

Having said all that – they were great and I am SO happy that I finally got to see them live. Would I go again? Probably not, but for nostalgia reasons it was 10/10. You can see my vlog from the weekend below (and a couple more photos).

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