The Lewes Guide



Lewes is a small town located in East Sussex, not too far from Brighton; I hadn’t been until my Mum started working there when I was 11 and fell in LOVE. The home of Harvey’s Brewery, a castle and the birth place of Bill’s it has a lot going on for a little place. I thought I would put together a little list of my favourite places in Lewes to make sure you have the best, and most Instagram-worthy, trip to this little town.



Lewes is one of my favourite places in the world.

To Eat

Bill’s would be my number one recommendation but it gets BUSY. The first ever Bill’s was and is in Lewes and is potentially the busiest of them all. The restaurant is cute and quaint and it is lovely to sit outside on a sunny day and people watch. There also tends to be a musician or two on the bridge in summer so you can dine while listening to some smooth saxophone music.


Le Magasin is located a few doors down from Bill’s. I stumbled across it when my friend and I couldn’t get a table in Bill’s a few years ago for brunch. I had the waffles and they still play on my mind every now and then. They have a lot of egg options too. I haven’t had anything other than breakfast there – but it all looks pretty amazing and the trip advisor reviews are pretty good too.


Flint Owl Bakery was one I found from Zoella’s vlogs and it is SO worth it. The food selection isn’t massive so if you aren’t after cake, sandwich or a salad/noodle style meal it isn’t for you. If you are; it is one of the best places I’ve had a noodle salad or cake in. I had a pistachio and raspberry cake and it was incredible. It also has a cute little courtyard; if you want to sit out there, get there early or at an awkward time to avoid disappointment.


The Pelham Arms is a pub located a little walk from the town centre. It is a nice spacious family pub with a fab menu. The sharing platters are to die for; I love a good charcuterie board and they do one of the best. Visiting The Pelham Arms is also a good opportunity to sample a lot of the local bitters produced in Lewes and the surrounding areas.


To Shop

The Needle Makers is a quirky little building full of a variety of shops and cafes. You could honestly spend hours browsing through the home and book shops located here. It is also an Instgrammers delight; I’ve included some of mine in this post for reference.


Waterstones in Lewes is officially the cutest chain bookshop EVER. It is a series of maze-like rooms with a little café in and it is so nice. If you’re looking to have a quite coffee or LOVE books like me, I 100% recommend popping in.


Lewes Antiques Centre & Church Antique Centre are also both worth a visit. Antiques shops which are a maze of bits and pieces.


If you’re into your antiques and homeware Lewes is the place of you. There are tonnes of shops I haven’t mentioned. There is also a plethora of children’s clothing shops.


To See

Fifteenth Century Bookshop & Keere Street. Fifteenth Century Book shop is pretty much what it says on the tin. It is very quaint and very wonky and 100% worth a visit. Keere Street is just to the side of the Fifteenth Century Bookshop. It is a very steep, cobbled hill. There isn’t much to say other than it is a quaint little glimpse into the history of the town.


Lewes Castle & Anne of Cleves House. I’ve put these two together as they are pretty similar to describe. Both have huge historic significance and are a must visit for any history buff even if it is just to view them from the outside.


Lewes Priory is another self-explanatory one; it’s the historical ruins on the priory. Like Anne of Cleves House and Lewes Castle; if you’re into your history it is for you.


Harvey’s Brewery even just seeing this place is pretty cool. Harvey’s is the most popular bitter in Sussex and is brewed in the town centre. If you aren’t into your beer it is cool to see the outside; the building is historic and impressive and is located just behind shops. If you like your beer; take a trip into the brewery and maybe even a tour or just sample the beer at their pub just over the road.


Why not head to Lewes while visiting Brighton?

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