Twenty-three. I am TWENTY-THREE. When did that happen? I can’t quite believe my Taylor Swift year has been and gone. Usually I do a post listing what I’d done in the previous year, so a ’22 at 22’ post would have been here; but not this year. That didn’t feel right. Instead I’m going to list a handful of things I’ve done in the last year in a little more detail.


Iceland & DC

A trip my Mum and I had been planning for a year by the time we went. We headed to Washington DC (a dream destination for a Politics nerd like myself) and added a stop-over in Iceland.



Something I was debating whether or not to include. During my 22nd year of life, I realised a lot about friendships and the company I keep. I realised I was uncomfortable in some of my friendships; like we had outgrown them. I also realised that I can’t impress everyone and if I feel the need to drink to be comfortable around people and try to impress them; they aren’t the people I need in my life. On the same note; I realised a few friendships that I had left on the back-burner were far more valuable than I had thought and deserved more attention and work.


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New York City

Another trip; I headed to NYC with two of my friends. It was amazing to go back to the city and experience it as a real adult with people my age; it definitely opened a new side of the city for me. It also cemented that I would love to live there even if for a short while.


The Decision to Blog

I don’t mean this half-arsed effort I’ve been making for the least 6 months, I mean giving it a real go. Putting money and effort into it and seeing where it can take me. This is probably because I’m just at the end of my degree and feeling a little lost. I love blogging, I love style and I love travel so why not see if I can make something of my little space on the internet? (Like this; hi WordPress, I am still slightly terrified of you but we can make this work, I’m sure).


Focusing on Me

I’ve decided to focus on myself and what I want. I’ve never really known what I want to do, I don’t have a dream job. I have things I like: Blogging and Politics, but nothing that I aim for. During my 22nd year I started to focus on working out what it is I want to do; I think I now have dream jobs in both career paths and I somehow want to work out a way that I can do both. I’ve also started working on my mind; as previously stated I care too much about what people think but I’m getting better. I’m going to keep working on this in my 23rd year.


I’m looking forward to seeing what Twenty-Three has in store for me. I think it is going to be a good year; full of more positive realisations. I can’t wait to share what I experience with you this year.

I know I've been gone. I will be back properly from the start of April. I promise.


    • Lily Collings
      16/03/2018 / 10:28 am

      They were incredible and thank you xx

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