Whipsnade Zoo: A Wild Day Out

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my very, very long story from my trip to Whipsnade Zoo (you can follow me HERE if you don’t). After seeing the zoo on television I’d been hoping to visit, come on, you would too, did you see those baby elephants on ‘The Zoo’? My personal highlights of the day were the lions, elephants and giraffes.


Walking around the zoo I noticed how different it was to any other zoo I have visited before. Unlike other zoos, Whipsnade is HUGE, the animals have tonnes of room to roam around and the keepers are constantly coming up with new ways to stimulate them. I’d seen on television that they hide treats everywhere for the animals to find but when I was there I spotted one of the Sloth Bears hunting around and eventually finding a ball filled with treats.


Food-wise there is so much on offer, there are plenty of cafes and even a Pizzeria and a barbecue served by River Cottage Kitchen. My Mum and I chose to take a picnic with us which we ate in one of the many green areas. I can’t wait to go back to Whipsnade and take my cousins with me! In summer they offer a Silent Cinema where you can see films such as the Lion King inside the zoo with your own headphones as well as their Sunset Safari event which looks to be a much more chilled experience at Whipsnade.




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